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The best international courier service provider in India.

At Safe Air Express International Courier Services, we provide fast, reliable and secure delivery of your goods to their destined locations. We are a team of experts who are completely dedicated to our work and excel at providing International delivery services like personal shipment, delivery of excess baggage, commercial delivery, document courier, medicine delivery, etc.

Our courier service considers our customers as its top priority and works hard to make sure that their shipments reach the destinations both domestic and international in a timely manner and at economical rates.  We try to make sure that all goes right with the delivery and the courier reaches the right destination without fail.

Apart from this, what sets our courier service different from others is our door-to-door pick up service where we procure your shipments from your doorstep. So all you have to do is to place a call and soon you will have one of our courier boys standing at your doorstep. After he will reach there, he will pack your parcel before your eyes so you can verify the safety of your goods before it is loaded up in a cargo flight. The moment you will hand over your parcel to our executive you will receive the online tracking details where you will be able to track its live location at any moment.

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In Safe Air Express, we provide wide range of services including International Courier, International Shipping, Cargo Services and many more services related to international delivery. We have different team to handle each type of services separately. This is the one stop solution for all your international delivery services, it may be a personal shipment, document courier, commercial goods, medicine delivery, excess baggage etc..

Our Door To Door Pick-up service makes us unique. We pick up your shipment from your doorstep and deliver at the destination. All packing will be scrutinized and packed at your door so that you can verify the safety of your goods before traveling in cargo flight. The moment you handed over the parcel to our executive, you will get the online tracking details of your shipment in which you can track online of your parcel movement.

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